About Us and Our Promise

With our 20+ years of knowledge and expertise in lift Industries, we have came up with the Lift-Ops app that will help the Lifts & Escalators Operations process to operate better than ever before. We have understood and gathered all the pain-points that any organization and lift engineers may face in their day to day operations and, based on that knowledge, we have built the Lift-Ops app platform.
We have tried to cover all possible scenarios in our APP but if anything is missing and needed by your organization, please use Contact Us form to get in touch with us, and our experienced team will be able to help you.

Lift-Ops App Versions

For Lift Engineer/Professional
For Lift Owner/Lift Administrator

What’s new in Lift-Ops

  • Secure and Robust Data handling using reputed Cloud Platform
  • Secure User Management for the Organization via Lift Maintenance Company
  • No overhead of Engineer chasing required for the Job allocation
  • Lift-Ops also provides option to customize the APP for any organization which has specific requirements like option for bulk data creation for Lifts, Escalators and Jobs from Legacy systems, providing Alerts for various scenarios etc

  • Friendly user interface for Lift Engineers to view job near their Geographical Location using Maps
  • Simple Job tracking and Job Life Cycle Management
  • No Calls or follow-up required to engineer to assign jobs, Lift Engineer can see the jobs as soon as raised and based on their availability and Geo-location engineer can reserve or pickup a job
  • Authorized External Contractor can also use the APP to pick-up jobs like internal Employees

Map based Lift and Job view

Lift Engineer can view the jobs near to his Geo location on Map, based on Lift information and Job details Engineer can pickup or reserve the job. User gets exact details of the Lift and Customer to visit. Very simple Job Life cycle management.

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Lift-Ops provides my organization a very robust Lifts & Jobs management platform by which we can now use our employees’ time efficiently for day to day jobs handling, it is helping us to clearing up our pending jobs queue quickly & cost effectively.

Mr O – Lift Owner

As an Engineer I always wanted to have a quick way to view all the jobs available near my current Location and then based on the type of the job and my availability, I wanted to pickup the jobs. This is now possible using Lift-Ops App. The app has also additional features like StaySafe and Timesheet reporting for my peace of mind

Mr R – Lift Sr. installation Engineer